Air Quality has become an increasingly important issue to consider when applying for planning permission. Air Quality is monitored across the country and Local Authorities ensure new developments to don’t have a negative impact on local air quality.

This week a non-traditional method has been used to monitor air quality in the capital. The BBC reported this week that a technology company has released ten pigeons wearing lightweight sensors to monitor pollution in London.  Plume Labs has fitted the birds with tiny backpacks which monitor nitrogen dioxide, ozone and volatile compounds.

An air quality assessment is usually expected if the impact from a new development, increase in use of an existing property, or change of use is likely to be significant.

To meet your requirements and ensure you remain compliant, Lustre Consulting works with experienced air quality assessors to offer a comprehensive air quality assessment service to our clients. We can provide an accurate assessment of your proposals in accordance with all relevant guidance and standards recommended by Environmental Protection UK and published by DEFRA and Environment Agency.