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A Site Condition Report

A Site Condition Report (SCR) is required for any facility regulated by the Environment Agency under the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) where there is a significant risk to land or groundwater. This can apply to both new applications, permit transfers and existing operations.

A Site Condition Report is a supporting document that describes and records the condition of the land and groundwater at a site at particular points in time. It acts as a point of reference at the time the Environmental Permit is issued so that you can demonstrate that land and groundwater has been protected during the lifetime of the site and that the land is in a satisfactory state when you come to surrender your permit. 

In summary, the Site Condition Report comprises three stages:

  • Application – describes the site condition when you first apply for an environmental permit

  • Operation – updates the Site Condition Report throughout the lifetime of your permit

  • Surrender – describes the site condition at the close of operations.

The Environment Agency must be satisfied that the land and groundwater are in a satisfactory state in order to accept the application surrender.

How can Lustre Consulting help?

We pride ourselves on preparing comprehensive, cost effective and compliant Site Condition Reports to support Environmental Permit applications. All our Site Condition Reports are carried out in accordance with the Environment Agency’s Environmental Permitting Regulations using the recommended template set out in the H5 guidance, including:

  • A site walkover by a professional consultant.

  • Review of historical OS maps, available site plans and aerial photographs.

  • Identification of known pollution incidents, landfill sites and discharge consents.

  • Review of the environmental setting.

  • Review of any existing investigation and / or monitoring data.

  • Collation of baseline data, where required (see points to consider below).

  • Preparation of a Site Condition Report ready for submission to the Environment Agency to support the application.

Upon completion of the application Site Condition Report, we can advise on the likely information that will be required when you come to surrender your permit to enable you to put procedures in place to start collecting throughout the site operation. When you come to surrender your permit, we can provide assistance with completing the final Site Condition Report to demonstrate that the land has been left in a satisfactory condition. 

We can also assist with any additional environmental assessments required to support your Environmental Permit application and if required, advise on the application process. Please see our Environmental Permitting page for more information.

Points to consider...

Some important points to consider when commissioning a Site Condition Report to support an Environmental Permit application:

  •  Is the site already operational or currently vacant? Is there anyone available to speak to who is familiar with the site and the proposed operations? The more information that can be provided in relation to existing or proposed operations, training schemes, health and safety and environmental management systems the better informed the OPRA will be, thereby minimising the application fees. 

  • Is there any previous site investigation data available? If not, is there a need for baseline data? The purpose of the baseline data is to allow a quantified comparison to be made between the site condition at the start of the permit and the state of the site at surrender. Baseline data is collected by means of an intrusive investigation. We often advise our clients as to whether baseline data would be required and/or beneficial and we find that early liaison with the Environment Agency can help inform this decision.

  • For delivery of our Site Condition Reports we will usually require at least 1 to 2 weeks from receipt of formal instruction and up to 4 to 5 weeks if baseline data is required.