As local Environmental Consultants, Lustre Consulting has been watching the London Paramount proposals with a keen interest. Last week we attended an event organised by Thomson Snell and Passmore (TSP) with the aim of obtaining an insight into the general consensus of the proposals across the construction and property sector. The event was attended by approximately 50 construction and property stakeholders including consultants, contractors and suppliers.

For those unaware of the proposals; London Paramount will comprise a large scale theme park and entertainment centre within the Swanscombe Peninsula in Kent. The project is expected to receive around 40,000 visitors on a typical day. If the proposals are successful, the development will utilise over 800 acres of Brownfield land and marshland. With a theme park, water park, 1,500 seat theatre, business hub, range of hotels and an entertainment resort including restaurants, bars and nightclubs, the park will receive more visitors than Disneyland Paris.

So what is the general consensus across the construction and property sector? Overall, the reaction was positive with many local companies realising the potential business opportunities, particularly during the construction stage. People seemed to recognise the potential for the regeneration to spread out towards the local towns hopefully creating additional opportunities. As expected for a development of this size, several concerns were raised, including a potential shortage of materials, plant and skilled work force during the construction period and delayed business trips and a shortage of business accommodation and space post development.

Despite these concerns however, no one could deny the benefits that London Paramount promises with regeneration, business opportunities and an overall boost to the economy being key. It’s also clear to see from early designs that a considerable amount of thought and design has gone into environmental enhancement and wildlife habitat creation. The team at Lustre Consulting are excited to see what opportunities the London Paramount development will bring our way.