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The Cost of Unforeseen Environmental Problems

There is a lot at stake if you do not undertake any Environmental Due Diligence on your prospective site…
Our Environmental Due Diligence is a very small price to pay compared to the value of your asset which could bring significant risk. The sooner you get clarity, the sooner you and your team can make even better decisions.

Environmental Consultants Committed to Giving You Discreet and Confidential Due Diligence

Your specialist Environmental Consultant is part of a dedicated team of Chartered professionals who have been successfully gaining regulatory approval for clients all over the UK, ensuring that their sites are safe and compliant places to live and work.

Our Due Diligence is expertly prepared by experienced consultants who are committed to providing you with technically robust reports that are tailored to meet your plans for the site.

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Could You Require Due Diligence for Peace of Mind?

When buying or selling property it is advisable to assess the environmental status of the site.

This may be due to historical uses of the site, or its location near to an area known to have contamination issues.

The purpose of Environmental Due Diligence is to evaluate the potential environmental risks for the site, so you have peace of mind.

Kent former War Time Radio Transmitter Site

Environmental due diligence is becoming increasingly more essential when looking at a potential site to purchase for future development, investment or for onward sale.

The legacy of environmental liabilities can be an expensive proposition and could leave you with a site that you may struggle to sell in the future. It could leave your site worth less than what you originally paid for it.

Environmental due diligence can range from a rapid desk based study to check for any notable environmental issues through to a detailed feasibility study that may encompass a number of different services and expertise.

See how Lustre Consulting can help, and also some points that you should consider when in need of environmental due diligence.

Lustre Consulting provides a responsive environmental due diligence services to private stakeholders, property agents, financial institutions and the public sector.  We can prepare supporting documentation to clients and their agents to assist in determining the feasibility of a development site at pre-purchase and pre-planning stages.  We can also carry out pre-purchase audits to provide increased financial security, and as part of a sales pack to maximise land values and promote development potential.

As part of any due diligence, the following services may be required:

To ensure compliance, Lustre Consulting has gained a wealth of experience dealing with regulatory bodies such as the Environment Agency (EA), Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), various local Environmental Health departments and Pollution Officers.

These are some frequently asked questions when commissioning Environmental Due Diligence:

What if I already have a ‘Site Check’ document as part of the sale/purchase of my property?
Be wary of very cheap desk studies. The danger of a cheap desk study is that they are usually computer generated and not a full environmental assessment. This means there is the increased potential for oversights, no site walkover (which is more often than not essential), no conceptual model or risk assessment and non-compliant reports. Our assessments are written by qualified consultants who can expertly assess the risks for your site.

How long will it take to prepare a Due Diligence Report?
Delivery of a Due Diligence report can be 2 to 3 days for a very quick Phase 1 Desk Study including a brief review of previous reports, through to several weeks depending on the scale of the site, services covered and delivery of information from third parties (such as the Environment Agency).

How can I be sure I need an Environmental Due Diligence Report?
If you are unsure as to whether you require an Environmental Due Diligence report, please give us a call, so together we can discuss your requirements. Alternatively, please send an email to info@lustreconsulting.com and provide us with the site location and description of the proposed development.

Sites Successfully Approved and Built

A Commercial and Industrial Waste Transfer Station required environmental services to support an application for a bespoke Environmental Permit for a commercial and industrial waste transfer station to accept 75,000 tonnes per annum of commercial and industrial waste including 5,000 tonnes of asbestos bearing waste. Lustre Consulting were commissioned to produce an application stage Site Condition […]

A Commercial and Industrial Waste Transfer Station required...

A former petrol filling station and vehicle servicing garage site in Kent is in the process of being redeveloped into a residential use. Lustre Consulting was initially appointed to carry out a Phase 1 Desk Study in support of a planning application. This was followed by a Phase 2 Site Investigation including a Geotechnical Investigation. […]

A former petrol filling station and vehicle servicing garage...

A former large scale fuel storage and distribution depot is in the process of being redeveloped into a commercial development. The depot, located within a chalk quarry, was decommissioned around 15 years ago with all associated infrastructure removed. Prior to Lustre Consulting’s involvement several investigations, dating back over a decade, had been conducted. The investigations […]

A former large scale fuel storage and distribution depot is in...

The client, who is a multinational investment firm, required a site investigation to confirm the contaminative status of a former gas works. As a now active retail park, the site required an Environmental Due Diligence assessment before the sale of the land took place. The investigation utilised a combination of cable percussive drilling, windowless sampling, […]

The client, who is a multinational investment firm, required a...

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