Introducing our Newest Team Members

23rd September 2021

Here at Lustre Consulting we have a vision to appoint new Graduate Consultants every year as our business continues to grow. Our newest team members are joining a dedicated team of consultants on a mission to Create Safe and Compliant Places to Live and Work.

We are very excited to welcome Emily and Ross as new Graduate Consultants. Emily Spendlove has completed studies at the University of Southampton for a BSc in Geology. Ross Higson has joined us after completing studies in Environmental Science BSc (Hons) at Oxford Brookes University followed by Environmental Consultancy MSc at the University of Southampton.

We asked a few questions about what motivated them to joining our Lustre team.

Q. What attracted you to environmental consulting?

Ross: I was attracted to environmental consulting as I wanted a career that enabled me to have a balance of work between researching, site management and site monitoring. I am drawn more towards soil and water sciences within the environmental sector, especially with regards to pollution and remediation, so land contamination was a perfect fit.

Q. Why did you want to work for Lustre?

Emily: Whilst at Sixth Form I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to complete work experience with Lustre which opened my eyes to a career in environmental consultancy. The friendly, supportive and progressive environment I experienced coupled with the variety of projects that I could get involved with led me back to Lustre to start my career. 

Ross: Lustre seemed like the ideal company for me to join as a multi-disciplinary and growing consultancy with a strong commitment to graduate training and professional development. The type of place where I could sink my teeth into all things environmental! The three-day work experience further enhanced this by providing an opportunity to meet the lovely team and better understand the company culture which I loved.

Q. What has been your favourite thing so far?

Ross: Visiting and monitoring a highly contaminated site has been my favourite so far. Although the worst thing to find is high levels of contamination, it’s always the most interesting to deal with.

Q. What are you most looking forward to?

Emily: I am most looking forward to completing my first project independently, seeing the project through from start to finish. Then to eventually drive past that site and view a successfully built development. 

As our newest Graduate Consultants Emily and Ross have been assigned mentors in the team who will provide one on one support to help guide their development. They will be following a training matrix and receive regular feedback to help them in their career journey.

We can’t wait to see all that they will accomplish as they gain experience in our company.

Could you join us? Visit our career page to find out about our current vacancies.

Could you join us?

Find out more about our current vacancies.

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