Noise Assessment: Scope of Service

6th December 2021

What is a Noise Assessment?

A Noise Assessment will determine whether any prevailing noise sources could be affecting your site or whether any adverse noise sources could be introduced, and if those noise sources could have an adverse impact on future site users, or off-site noise sensitive receptors.

If the Noise Assessment finds that the impact from identified sources is unacceptable due to exceedances in noise levels which could cause a nuisance, mitigation measures may need to be incorporated to the development.

Why is a Noise Assessment needed for this site?

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) includes the following statements relating specifically to noise and the requirement to take it into account in the planning process:

Section 16, paragraph 180 of NPPF states:

The NPPF does not provide absolute limits on noise that are acceptable or unacceptable in a given situation.  It does, however, set out the “need to ensure that developments do not give rise to significant adverse impacts on health and the quality of life”.

If potential noise sources such as road traffic, railway lines, general footfall or other noise generating activities, including mechanical plant, generators etc. could affect the site, then a Noise Assessment should be undertaken.

It should also be noted that the operations of existing businesses are also protected, with reference to ensuring new developments do not have an adverse effect on their operations.

Comprehensive guidance on noise and planning can be found at the website which provides even more advice on how planning can manage potential noise impacts in new development.

The British Standards contains detailed criteria that sets out what is expected in a Noise Assessment depending on the noise sources and development scenario(s).

The following standards which may apply to your site could include:

The development scenario(s) which your site falls into would have already been identified as part of our initial site review as part of preparing your proposal, as well as the likely noise sources within the vicinity of the site. The potential noise sources will be further assessed as part of the site visit and noise monitoring survey.

Scope of Works

To ensure we provide you with a compliant assessment, your Noise Assessment will be carried out in accordance with best practice and UK planning guidance including the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), Institute of Acoustics ProPG: Planning & Noise and the British Standards.

Our Noise Assessments are prepared by experienced consultants who are committed to providing you with technically robust reports that are tailored to meet your needs.

The scope of your Noise Assessment will include:

The report will determine whether site is at risk from adverse noise impacts and give actionable recommendations that so that the impacts from noise can be reduced to acceptable level.

Information we need from you

We would need to have the following items covered before we can get started on the Noise Assessment:

Additional information which could be helpful, but not essential for a Noise Assessment and would be confirmed on instruction:

How long does a Noise Assessment take to prepare?

We will aim to provide a report within three to four weeks of having all the information we need from you. It is important that we have all the information listed above covered before we can start the assessment.

Our timescales are dependent on the availability of information from other third party stakeholders, other advisors, safe access and weather conditions* to undertake the noise measurement survey, please ensure you have allowed some flexibility for this in your programme.

*Please note that the performance of the noise measurement survey is weather dependant and should only be conducted when a settled period (>24-48hrs) has been forecast with no rain or wind (>5mph).

Our Promise

Our consultants are available to guide you through the complex process of undertaking a Noise Assessment, so you can get your site approved and built.

We will strive to keep things as simple and jargon free as possible, so please feel free to contact the person who sent your proposal with any clarifying questions.

We are members of CHAS; a SSIP approved Health and Safety scheme.

Our team are ready to get started.

Posted by Matt Dean on 06/12/2021

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