Working in all weather conditions is part of the job however; the start to 2013 has been particularly cold and unpredictable.

As we all know, snow tends to bring the British Isles to a standstill making our site investigations a real logistical challenge.

With a number of site investigations booked in, Lustre has had to face such challenges head on!  We are pleased to say that the snow didn’t stop us and we managed to complete all our investigations in good time, nonetheless we would be lying if we were to say that the snow and ice didn’t cause us any problems…

At Lustre we always like to give you some important points to consider…, so please bear these in mind when planning a site investigation during the winter months.

1)    Delays due to snowfall are inevitable…our drilling crews and surveyors are based all over the UK so expect longer journeys and possible cancellations if they are stuck.

2)    Once on-site we may have to deal with frozen water pipes, frozen ground, additional clearance works, mechanical issues and less daylight especially during mid-winter.  This will mean that our investigations may take longer.

3)    Service clearance is limited when there is snow cover on the ground.  The snow can hide man-hole covers, scars and other service indicators making it very difficult to trace and identify.

4)    The same can be said for Phase 1 walkovers.  These should not be carried out during any snowfall as it can mask any signs for potential contaminative sources present at a site.

5)    Suitable transport is essential for getting from site to site safely.  We are pleased to say that our new van has lived up to our expectations during these wintry conditions.

6)    A snow shovel is now considered to be part of essential investigation equipment during the snow storms.

7)    Appropriate clothing is essential for keeping warm whilst on site. When the temperatures drop to freezing, you will now see the team at Lustre sporting padded, lined, waterproof ‘Onesie’s’ to stay warm and dry.

8)    Finally, safety is always our priority, if there is any doubt we consider it better to put off site investigation work until it is safe to travel and dig holes. It will be safer, quicker and less costly to wait a few days for the snow to clear…

One positive of working in colder weather…our samples will stay nice and cold!