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Environmental Due Diligence

Lustre Consulting has extensive experience in undertaking discreet and confidential environmental due diligence that encompasses current legislative requirements, standards and guidance. Environmental due diligence is becoming increasingly more essential when looking at a potential site to purchase for future development, investment or for onward sale. 

Environmental due diligence can range from a rapid desk based study to check for any notable environmental issues through to a detailed feasibility study that may encompass a number of different services and expertise. See below, for how Lustre Consulting can help, and also some points that you should consider when in need of environmental due diligence.

How can Lustre Consulting help?

Lustre Consulting provides a responsive environmental due diligence services to private stakeholders, property agents, financial institutions and the public sector.  We can prepare supporting documentation to clients and their agents to assist in determining the feasibility of a development site at pre-purchase and pre-planning stages.  We can also carry out pre-purchase audits to provide increased financial security, and as part of a sales pack to maximise land values and promote development potential.

As part of any due diligence, the following services may be required:

  • Contaminated Land Assessment – including a Phase 1 Desk Study and where required, a Phase 2 Site Investigation.

  • Environmental Risk Assessment applying a risk based approach in line with current guidance.

  • Deleterious Materials Surveys including an appraisal of potentially hazardous materials stored onsite.

  • Cost Benefit Analysis & Potential Site Anomalies including potential future ground remedial actions.

  • Waste Management Advice.

  • Flood Risk Assessment.

To ensure compliance, Lustre Consulting has gained a wealth of experience dealing with regulatory bodies such as the Environment Agency (EA), Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), various local Environmental Health departments and Pollution Officers.

Points to consider...

Some important points to consider when commissioning environmental due diligence projects:

  • Are there any records of existing reports, plans, service information etc. for the site? Any plans, records etc would be very useful at the early stage of the project.

  • Some of the best information that can be collected are from people most familiar with a site. If the due diligence is not confidential, is there anyone available to speak to who is familiar with the site and its previous use? This could be a person who has worked at the site for a number of years or a longstanding owner.

  • Is asbestos present? Has a survey been recently carried out? There may be a management plan already in place. As well as having potentially significant environmental implications, there is a significant health and safety issue if free fibres are present.

  • Delivery of a Due Diligence report can be 2 to 3 days for a very quick Phase 1 Desk Study including a brief review of previous reports, through to several weeks depending on the scale of the site, services covered and delivery of information from third parties (such as the Environment Agency).